Classical Music Festival Volunteer

South Eastern Arts Festival

Berwick, VIC

Posted 1/5/2018

The South Eastern Arts Festival runs a classical musical Festival to give children and young people the opportunity to experience performing in a concert environment.

If you enjoy good music this is the job for you.  It is not necessary to be a musician yourself nor is musical knowledge essential.

There are competitive and non-competitive sections covering both instrumental and vocal sections. Each performer receives a report from the adjudicator on his or her rendition.

Performers are of excellent quality, especially the more experienced ones, and volunteer have ample opportunity to listen to and enjoy the music if they wish.

The festival is run in the wonderful auditorium at Nossal High School during the day and early evening.

Volunteers are required in two areas:

1 To assist inside the performance room and

2 to assist at the registration desk.





Time Required

Minimum 2 hours on any day, The Festival runs April 3-9 9.00AM to 5.00 PM

Background Checks Required


To view and apply for this volunteer opportunity on the web visit: