Volunteer Reading Ambassador

Doveton College

Doveton, VIC

Posted 4/27/2018

We are looking for a retired person who loves reading to children to become our Reading Ambassador. 

Your role will be to sit in kindergarten and early learning classes and share books with children.  You may have to read the same book many times and there will be times when you will have three or four children crowding around you to see the book.  You understand this because you are someone who has gone through this with your own children or grandchildren.  You will visit the same class regularly and soon the children will know why you are there and will run to you with their books.

You will be part of a community based program called Paint Doveton REaD which is a small group of interested parents and staff who are dedicated to improving early literacy in the community through many devious and fun strategies.  (This group meets once every three months)

You can choose the day and times that you are available.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing this role with you.



Time Required

1/2 a day each week

Background Checks Required

Working with Children Check

To view and apply for this volunteer opportunity on the web visit: