Seeing Eye Dogs - Puppy Carer

Vision Australia - Seeing Eye Dogs

Various Casey locations, VIC

Posted 10/3/2018

The Seeing Eye Dogs - Puppy Caring program requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of 8 weeks, until they are approximately 12-15 months of age.

Carers teach, under the guidance of a puppy development officer, basic obedience, house manners, eating and toileting on command, socialisation in many different places (restaurants, cinemas, cafes, shopping centres, supermarkets etc) and to walk on lead in a relaxed manner.

Carers are visited regularly at home by their puppy development officer to provide guidance in training and caring for their puppy. SEDA holds a training day that the carer and puppy are required to attend to once a month.

Puppy caring is a very rewarding experience and our organisation couldn’t run without volunteers that participate in this program.

Time Required

Full-time for 12-15 months

Background Checks Required

Police check and WWC card.

To view and apply for this volunteer opportunity on the web visit: