City of Casey Volunteer Matcher

Casey U3A - 2019 Courses and Classes

4:11 pm

Casey University of the Third Age (U3A) is a friendly space for retired and semi-retired seniors to ...

FREE Womens' Sunrise Walks

3rd Dec

Connecting in your community  Let’s Walk was developed by Victoria Walks to map and prom...

FREE - Spring into Summer

19th Nov

The City of Casey is excited to launch its first Spring into Summer program in 2018. The aim of th...

Casey - Extended Libraries Opening Hours

10th Sep

Casey Cardinia Libraries (CCL) welcome more than 1 million visitors th...

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia - Puppy Carers Information Centre

30th Aug

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia are holding a Puppy Carer / Puppy Foster information session for potential...

FREE - Men of Doveton. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

6th Feb

What is ‘Men of Doveton’   The Men of Doveton is a FREE health program for men a...

Myuna Farm - FREE Produce Swap

6th Feb

Come to Myuna Farm’s monthly swap where you can exchange fresh produce, share tips and skills ...

City of Casey - Grants Update Email

21st May

If your group are seeking grant opportunities, stay up to date with a monthly email containing curre...

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